Scarlit Scandal BDSM - Drowns In Aquarium While Getting Penetrated For women

9 months ago

In this brutal BDSM sex with bondage and drowning video, Scarlit Scandal gets hardcore doggy style while tied up and drowned in an aquarium.

What happened in this BDSM porn video with Scarlit Scandal ?

Scarlit comes knocking on a guy's door because she broke down with a girlfriend. She asks the guy if she can go home and use his computer.

They want to go to a party and that's the only way to get help.

She starts to heat him up and he tells her to stop because he has a family, a wife and children.

She laughs and doesn't care. She keeps hitting on him.

So, to make her stop, he grabs her by the throat and drowns her in the aquarium.

He slaps her and continues to drown her because she finds it funny. He pulls her hair and strangles her.

He puts her on his knees and lifts her skirt. She is wearing a black thong. To calm her down, he slaps her on her beautiful little ass.

He strips her naked, ties her hands behind her back with her feet and gags her mouth with tape.

He spits in her face as he sticks a finger up her ass.

He pulls out his cock and forcibly puts it in her mouth. She is forced to deepthroat over and over again until she cries and is on the verge of vomiting.

Then he decides to penetrate her doggy style. He hammers her pussy quickly and violently and he drowns her in the aquarium at the same time. Scarlit loves BDSM and scream as fuck !

He holds her by the hair and with his thrusts in her pussy, he bounces her small black breasts and his balls bounce against her clitoris.

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